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You can use anything that you would use for canework.
Steel, Cast iron, Kilnshelf (my preferance ). The Aussies use
Steel, covered with
kilnwash. I like to use Bullseye fraxpaper to
prevent sticking.

It is easiest to be able to
fork them out of the oven and into the glory
without having to handle them directly.

I'm in the middle of building a clamshell
style oven with elements in the lid that will
fuse and reheat the plates for pickup.
I think that is the best most versatile setup.

This oven will also be handy for preheating shards
or murrine that you would pick up on a bubble.

I would suggest that you practise blowing cane before you start rolling up fused plates as you
can get up to speed in the pick up learning curve
with cane much easier. Cane is much more forgiving than solid fused sheets and alot cheaper even if you have to buy it from spectrum, or moretti, or
maybe from some board member. I've known a few people with just a kiln and a glory who blew with
bought cane. I think it's easier to pick up cane
solo also although I wouldnt want to myself.

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