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hot plate

Originally posted by Lonnie Strunk
Mark, what kind of hot plate do you have that will get to 1100 degrees ? Where do you get one and what is approx cost ?
Thanks Lonnie
I have a cheapy single burner that I bought at surplus. I'd guess it gets to over 700 F but not much over. Anyway, hot enough that I can drop spectrum sheet or pieces of rondel on the steel plate while hot and not break it. Once it's soaked a few minutes, I can bring it up to temp with an Exact hand torch (gently at first) so it's ready to pick up in under a minute. I use no kiln wash and mild steel "pastorelli's" ( 1/4 inch plate cut to size) that I change out for ease in arranging on a cold sheet instead of doing it hot. I've NEVER has such clean pickups using any other method. Also works great if substituting a ribbed cane plate from Steinert.

Right now I'm making some tail lights for a heavily modified rebuilt 1936 Chevrolet Sedan. Fun.

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