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Originally posted by Jon Myers
Elio hellificanremberhislastname, a awesome Italian glassblower, came to Firehouse 12 for a workshop and he was remarking on how interesting it was that most Americians that were doing rollups were doing the glory hole/pasturali method. He said that the majority of the Italians use a clamshell kiln just deep enough for one layer (2.5 inches or so) with elements in the top and no bottom (just a stainless rack to hold the pasturelli) The reason that the kiln had no bottom was to keep the metal pasturalli as cool as possible while getting the glass as hot as possible. He said that some people used a little fan aimed at the bottom of the metal plate. I don't know if they use kilnwash, I didn't think to ask.
I expect no kiln wash

Reason being is that the cool plate should not stick 2 the glass

All this wash / fibre seporator stuff etc is just asking 4 trouble

A very intersting solution 2 the problem

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