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Penland Glass School
P.O. Box 37 Penland N.C. 28765

I love Penlands' approach. If you are new to glass you are not made to feel subhuman, they teach you basics instead. If you are advanced, you are taught accordingly. Beautiful place and great people.

Pilchuck Glass School
315 2ns Avenue South
Suite 200 Seattle WA 98104

I only recommend Pilchuck to experienced glassblowers who have design issues and don't
mind working in a zoo where everyone is totally self concious. As a beginner, Pilchuck can tear you to shreds. Go to Penland if you are just starting. If you are very clear on what you are doing, Pilchuck can be fantastic.

Pratt Fine Arts Center
1902 S. Main Seattle WA 98144

I have heard mixed reviews on Pratt. Lately a lot of complaints about glass quality. It has certainly been around a long time and everyone has glass problems now and then

Sheridan College
1430 Trafalgar Road
Oakville Ontario
Canada L6H2L1
905-815-4043 FAX

I just sent one of my assistants to go to school here and he likes it.

Steinert Glass School
1507 Franklin Ave
Kent Ohio
330-678-8238 FAX
Beginning and Advanced Glassblowing, Sandcasting, fusing, slumping, bead making and blacksmithing

Pretty new, I am really clueless about it.

The Studio at Corning
One Corning Glass Center
Corning New York 14830
607-974-6370 FAX

Great facility, great teachers, fairly good music, great reference library, great museum,
Summer and winter programs. Be there.

Sydney College of the Arts
University of Sydney
Philip Gissing, Admissions and Courses

I think the neatest glass in the world is coming out of Austrailia right now. Learn to speak Fosters, Australian for Beer

Wanganui Polytechnic
57 Cambell Street

Certificate and diploma in Glass
Design and Production issues
Summer program.

Think Down Under. Think Kiwi
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