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College For Creative Studies

The College for Creative Studies in Detroit has a glass program.
I've attended their extension courses for non-matriculated students. The studio is two day tank furnaces, two glory holes and three benches. Maximum of eight student in a class, some I took were not full in summer. One blower will use the furnace for their glory. One furnace is batching at all times. Glass quality (spruce pine) was pretty good though at the time I didn't know the difference. The extension courses are split into the beginner and the intermediate but most of the students were pretty much beginners. This means that you want to arrive early and get on a bench right away, otherwise you will probably only get one turn at the bench per class. In a once a week class that isn't enough. Studio ventilation is pretty good but it does get hot in the summer. Lots of natural light as two walls are all windows. The cold shop is well equipped but poorly supervised. Definitely ask for help if you are unfamiliar with the equipment. Locker space is at a premium and goes to the enrolled students. Be prepared to haul your gear in and out with you each week if you are in the extension program.

I really cannot comment upon the program for full time students but the work they were doing was pretty impressive to me at the time.

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