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The Studio at the Corning Museum of Glass offers classes year round, mostly a week or two long. I attended a one week class in using wooden molds. Two other classes are held at the same time, normally one using the lampworking studio and one using the "other" room, which was reverse glass painting when I was there, but might be kiln work of various kinds or cold working.
I found the glass work environment tiring, but that was mostly me as I found I was coming down with Lyme disease. The housing is a motel across the street, two to a room, with a pool. Chits for meals are provided at various places, which broke up the group when it might have talked more.
The environment is friendly and the resources of the museum are available. Lunch was brought in, usually cold, and evening sessions discussed various topics. A complete report is on my site

I would also suggest northern Ohio, southern Michigan as an area with a lot of studios, not knowing how many are accessable. Kent State and Bowling Green State are both in the area.
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