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Kugler tried casting rod and it did not go well. I attempted it and it did not go well. Attenuation of the stream was a major problem for me and for Kugler it was a matter of tempering the bar a bit after being cast which I ran into doing fluorines as rod. It was solvable but still a major PIA. Mark's difficulty is that the white turns to a sort of "glasscrete" when it is cooled and reheated utilizing gathers to make up the product. It just can't get cold when formed. So, He cast it in a piece of channel steel. It certainly is remarkably dense. We'll see what happens if the filigrana crowd tries it. I know Scott Benefield took home a sample and he can be pretty persnickety. I have samples from at lest 20 of the melt tests but I haven't messed with them since Mark indicated that he wanted to go it alone.
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