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[quote=Doug Harroun;82268]At first I considered electric elements. Being electrically inclined the wiring and power is a non-issue for me. SiC was out of the question. I know a few people using them and the replacement cost of shot elements would run higher than the cost of gas. Moly elements look better, but the _VERY_ high initial investment was the factor that pushed me back towards gas.

Everybody keeps bad mouthing SiC for how long the elements last- and I know I have had much better than average luck, but out of the 6 elements that I started with 8 years, 10 months ago, 4 are still running, one is at about 7 and a half years, and one was changed out about 4 years ago and after a trim of the power cable, is ready to go back in as a replacement. So the bottom line is I've bought 9 SiC Starbars total and I still have 2 backups waiting to get installed. That's with running 3 bars in the furnace and 3 in the glory hole.

So what are other people's experiences with Starbar longevity?
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