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Bryan, my furnace castable comes in at about 1000lb including pot investment. the free area over the pot is a cylender 18"high by 18" dia. In my case my 10 kw input is marginal. If your brickwork has less mass you might get away with it. I have to say I do not know, maybe Pete or Henry Halem or one of our more experienced furnace folks can offer a better opinion but I will not build more than an 100lb furnace again with only 10kw. On element length 3 each 18" hot zone by 18" cold terminal or 4 each 12" hot zone by 18" cold terminal or 2 28" hot zone by 18"cold terminal all add up to the same thing- 170 amps at 60 volts at 2375f. these element lengths all have voltage requirements that divide into 60 so you can balance the load out. That is if the scr shorts out at working temp it will not fry the elements or cause any damage. The furnace will just go up untill your overtemp safety catches it and shuts it off.
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