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homemade unoxidized batch suggestions?

I'm interested in making an unoxidised batch, a 96, that has potassium, for melting sulfur/molybdenum ambers. Ive tried with our batch, East Bay regular, but the color doesn't take, I think because of the oxidizers. I know that SP sells a color base, and Im sure Jim would mix something for me but Id like to try myself.
I was going to start with Pete V's recipe of:
63.25 lbs sand
20.25 lbs soda ash
5.25 lbs potash
9.06 lbs hydrated lime
2.18 lbs 5 mole borax
Im considering upping the potash and decreasing the soda per and E&T's values but thought I'd see if any of you (perhaps Pete himself) had any suggestions.
Thanks in advance!
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