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So quite a few melts later, I thought I'd go ahead and share my results.
a)I was melting too hot and turning the sulfur into sulfur dioxide which is just seedy clear
b)In East Bays regular batch I was able to get a nice amber by adding 1 percent sulfur and having the sugar be 1.25 times the amount of sulfur. In the attached picture the "columns" are all the same sulfur amount with increasing amounts of sugars in the "rows"
c)I was quite surprised that the sugar amounts made such a huge difference in the color.
d) large amounts of sugar (like two to three times the amount of sulfur) melted glasses that went fleshy opaque almost immedietaely when working, but the cullet was quite beautiful deep amber red with white agate looking streaks. Im thinking that the extra sugar allowed the sulfur to start to develop zinc sulfates in the glass (though I added no extra zinc, there is some in the batch)
e)this is the first color I've had to really work for and am really happy with it, though I still want to try it in a potash glass as suggested by Pete. Im also drawn towards the thought of adding some silver to see how it affects the color. . . any thoughts?

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