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Originally Posted by Sky Campbell View Post
The melting point of aluminum is 933.47 Kelvin, 660.32 degrees Celsius, or 1220.58 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aluminum does work well for many glass related applications but press molds would have to be water or air cooled and certainly not the best solution for long term use. That said how many molten gathers have I stuck into aluminum optic molds? literally thousands upon thousands.
Glass plunged into an optic mold normally has a cooler skin on it than the glass you are gathering and dumping in a press mold. One normally doesn't expect the aluminum mold to absorb the heat as a press mold does. The mold is made to turn the glass from a semi liquid state to a solid mass. different physics are involved than plunging into an optic mold. Optic molds can take it because we normally don't dump semi liquid material into it except on rare occasions.
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