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For the lower set of "Rails" on mine, we put a big flat hinged piece on the right that made the door move away from the actual gloryhole as the door tracked left to right. In that case, the roller was attached to the door. As the door moved to the left, the incline on the flat made the door move away from the gloryhole. So, it didn't get stuck. I don't know if your burner was made by Tom Ash or not. Charlie Correll took over making those things when Tom retired.

Temperature with gloryholes does indeed vary depending on what you're making. Really thin wares frequently use a colder gloryhole while big massive stuff requires serious heat. Your skills will also change your needs as you become more facile with the goop. I work well at around 2300F

I don't know if you've ever plastered but beginning folks use a much stiffer mix, just trying to keep it on the wall. As your skills set improves, you prefer a sloppier and wetter mix which allows for far more rapid control. The glass will do that as well.
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