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Originally Posted by Shawn Everette View Post
What's your thoughts on Skamol? I'm considering it for a small annealer build.
If I've ever used it, I don't know it by that name. Henry was all hot to trot on it and at one point was trying to be a dealer. At this point I go with what I know.
I want the tool to tolerate 1700F for starters. I don't want it to turn punky after that insult. The white board lasted me ten years in a ridiculous box built out of a stainless dishwasher. Some of the color class students probably remember it. It came across the country with us and was only retired when Eric Trulson built me this nice new one. It's still sitting up in the loft. .

As to the glory hole. I think you need a minimal amount around one inch to make bothering with the fiber worth your time. You sound like you've done well on providing enough BTU's for the area involved. The point of the track and wheel is simply that it cantilevers the door to where your support post won't get in the way of any extra insulation. Don't make the perfect the enemy of the good especially when it's just some old gaffer squalking at you.
The furnace is really the one that takes a great deal of consideration given that it's on all the time. Wire systems are not among my favorites but there's a lot of good stuff on it in the archives. Look out for sacred geometry. Avoid it.
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