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I did use a vermiculite board I got from Tom at High Temp in Fenton Missouri. It was four inches thick and as I recall the pieces were three feet long. I had a bunch of it. I always love calling Tom to see what he has in salvage. I think I used that stuff on my very first moly as the outer surface. It did vacuum which was nice. I would think it would perform in an annealer but it was so dense that it wouldn't be that great as a hot face insulator. I really like the white board. Expensive though!

I need to build yet another kiln to do these castings in and I want it to be gas, given the terrible rates here for power. So, this is really going back in time to the old downdraft things we used to build out of the Anderson Ranch in the Paul Soldner days.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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