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Keith Clayton
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Well I guess this is where I should jump in and stop lurking.
We run two baths FULL TIME here in our Illinois studio. We have used many products for conductivity on glass. Everything from Dag to graphite. Our product of choice is called Spraybronze. It comes in a can and is applied like spraypaint.It requires a binder,as does Electrodag if you don't want the copper to peel off.The binder comes in a gallon paint can and has to be thinned. None of this stuff is friendly-I should mention plating is like having a pet snake-it will bite you every chance it gets but looks great!
Here's the one catch-we were getting all of this from a company called Warner Electric in Chicago and they have since stopped supplying it. We purchased a giant amount and have not had to find it again. I have seen students use metal paint from the hardware store and have good sucess.
Pete if there is interest I would be willing to go into detail on suppliers and post photos of our baths.
I'm gearing up to build two moly furnaces-under Steve's suoervision-and I'd be glad to post the documentation of that also. They are two completely different units-one invested and one freestanding. Both are being set up for our new Door County, Wisconsin studio.
Though I have not spent much time on this board ,the little I have has been very helpful and I'd like to thank you Pete-it's a great resource and I promise to contribute in the New Year.
Have Safe and Happy Holidays
Keith and Deanna Clayton
Examples of out work and plating on glass can be viewed on Tom Riley's website or Habatat's website (the one in Boca Raton)
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