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TC Robertson
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Bronzed baby shoes?

Happy Time of the year to all! I will share what I have. Glancy is a card, eh? The first summer the bath was going at Pilchuck two fun incidents occured, the bath cyrstalized around the pump and it backed up all over the floor, then a mouse fell in and really screwed up the chemistry. Note: when organic contamination happens the solution should be heated to around 110-120 F and strong H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) is added to disolve it.
The Warner Co. as I remember sold bronzeing kits during the 50's and beyond. I have a great brochure from them showing a cigerette holder made from a babies shoe. I have a Warner power unit and consider it less than powerful. My main power source in an old battery charger that is controlled with a reostat and various wattage light bulbs, from 20w to 250. The anode area should be about double the plated area. Big bars of special copper in nylon bags, hanging on titanium hooks on copper bus bars, thats the deal on anodes. Find that plating supplier and get the Metal Finishing Handbook, lots of useless stuff in it, but a few gems.
The silver based dag worked when I had it, real pricey. I just found that fomula and stopped looking. A good air brush is needed, not too good, you don't need the feathering deal. This stuff will wear down the tips so be ready to get replacements. Get a cheap lazy susan and a vent hood to shoot it under, I used a cardboard box and fan for the vent. Make sure the dag totally coats the exposed surfaces, not too thick though. Small objects can be placed in plastic baskets( they put stawberries in them) that are wired to conduct across the bottom. The thing to be plated is rested on a bump in the wire(12ga) and starts gathering copper when immersed. Turning it every 4-8 hrs prevents sticking and promots even plating. The copper only goes in staight lines, if that object can't "see" the anode it won't get copper. Remember in your design, copper don"t stick to glass!

I will drag in some reference material for the next post and give more exact info. By the way, local(firemen), state, and federal officals are are always very interested in plating systems, I was inspected 6 times and they never looked in that room. I have now taken down my tanks and stored every thing safely just till I can have the right space, no cats swimming in it, and away from meltables(eveything). Have a nice rubber apron and long rubber gloves, eye protection and a baking soda bath ready to neutalize any unforseen accidents. Plan on having holes magically appear in shirts, pants, shoes. Later, TC

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