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when you say "tested compatible" it doesn't give the user any information about it's relationship to other products out there. "96" does say something about the relationship to other products and most glass people are interested in that relationship. While it is true that some products in the 96 L.E.C. range don't fit other products in the same range, the vast number of them do. That in itself is pretty useful to know. The inconsistencies come when fitting transparent glasses to opaques since they really have radically different structures. Both systems have seemed to co-exist for some time with some incompatibility, but not really that much when you look at the great variety of products offered up to the consumer.

I think John refers to Spruce Pine as the standard in that it was first in the commercial batch community and had a big market share by the time upstart companies like gaffer came along. While it would have been better if SP had not had such a high expansion in my thoughts, it isn't going to change anymore than bullseye is going to suddenly move it's expansion and viscosity either. It is what it is. The choice for a color manufacturer is to adapt to as wide a market as possible or to suffer the consequences of isolation. I forget which of the upstart batch companies decided to make a 93 expansion a few years back making the argument that it wanted to separate itself from the crowd. The stuff fit nothing well at all and was quite short lived.

Language is language based on common usage. Look at the term Dichroic Glass. It isn't dichroic glass at all based on the true definition. Try to get people to stop calling CBS "Dichroic".

When you take the group that won't even melt a batch glass at all and insist on fenton cullets you have yet another glass that is away from the mainstream. It fits little comercial color well at all. People buy lots of it.
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