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Lani, it wasn't as if we thought SP87 was a "standard", it was just a very large elephant in the room that was difficult to ignore. East Bay Regular batch played some part in our decisions as well.

Tom, I'd be curious to learn how Nick Labino came up with the expansion/viscosity characteristics of SP87 in the first place.
What was he comparing it to? I presume that he tested it against a selection of Kugler. That must have given him some headaches.

In some ways it was fortunate for us that SP87 had/has such market dominance in the States. Things are much more messy in Europe.

With the polarimeter we look for +/- 3 degrees. Trident seals mostly survive 10 degrees low and 15 degrees high which just goes to show how much glass blowers can get away with.

By the way, Gaffer offers a free trident seal testing facility for glass blowers who want to know where their own batch stands relative to our standard.
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