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I don't know what all went into the decision making proscess that resulted in the Labino formula. We had another guy working for us at the time that did the talking with Nick.

In the early 80's, Nick gave a lecture at the Gas conference (I think the one in Toledo) pointing out how bad the glass was that the studio blowers were using. (I believe he focused on the problem of durability in the lecture.) This glass was primarily the cullet coming from the handglass factories. In addition, by the time he started working on the formula Nick had spent more than 20 years experimenting with various glasses with with the perspective of using them in the studio and for blowing. I'm sure he had lots of Kugler lying around as well. Before coming to Studio Glass, Nick was invoved in the fiberglass industry.

In addition, Nick gave us the formula in the form of a chemical analysis and the original formula did not include the lithium. We had to translate the chemical furmula into a list of materials. This would have changed some of the charateristics slightly and the later addition of the lithium would have also effected things. Then I think the actual coe that was arrived at for the 87 was more happenstance than design and more our work than his as we did some adjusting of the coe until we arrived at the 87. We were trying for something that fell within the range of variation (that is would fit) of the most popular Kugler colors (the transparents and the 61 white and black). We aso wanted it to melt as easily as possible without sacrificing too much fit.

We made another adjustment to come up with the 83 but the 83 never really took off in the marketplace.

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