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In 2001 we had

Spruce Pine 87
Spruce Pine 83
Spruce Pine 92
East Bay Regular
East bay opaque
East bay Something Else
Gaffer from Phillips ( East Bay)
OLYMPIC COLOR- Phillips something
ELECTROGLASS Phillips something Clone
CR LOO GLASMA 70 or 71
Corning Batch Company
Pennsylvania Batch Company
Laguna Clay SP87 Clone and others
Phillips many formulas
GLASMA other formulas

In cullets we have:
Fenton C-4
Fenton C-6
Other Fentons
Seattle Batch CBG
Spectrum 96
CR LOO Something
Bullseye Clear
These are all over the map
and I'm sure I'm leaving some out. At Least DryKiln Crystal A is gone and so is Keystone cullet.

It gets far worse when you add in the european and australasian stuff.

Some of these have come and gone, Some new ones try to enter the market. Some, like Vermont Batch, never actually made a pound of batch.Most but not all are 96 glasses, which is why 96 is the elephant in the room. Almost all are terrible casting glasses which is tied to their formula structures.You are far luckier than you realize.
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