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Originally Posted by Pete VanderLaan View Post
building one is an issue and you have to see it. It's another tool. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. It takes a village.
If I remember right, your one from the first color class was simply a 12 inch quartz tube with an ID of about 5/16tgs and a 1/4” quartz push rod that was about 1 inch shorter than the tube. You would pull a length of your glass that you wanted to measure making sure it was thinner than the I.d. Of the tube and cold work it to exactly 1 inch. Insert the piece in the tube then the push rod and secure the gauge and tare the gauge to zero. Slide it into a small oven and bring it up to 1000 degrees and take a reading on th gauge, which would give you a theoretical expansion reading of 10 thousandths of an inch.

I think that’s how I remember it all working.
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