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It's really a great way to start. You can buy 20lbs of the materials at any pottery. You need a decent scale and a bucket. Mixing with your hands really does work, not as well as a mixer but it works. It just lets you know you can make your own glass.

To me, that's empowering.

You need Silica, soda ash, Potassium carb, calcium carb ,sodium nitrate and some antimony oxide. The antimony may not come from a pottery but Universal pigment certainly has it. Mix a formula, throw it in a pot that's at least 2200F, let it melt and go flat, add more, wash rinse repeat. It takes about 8 hours after the last charge. Keep it at least 2200F. You'll have glass the next day. Add metallic oxides for color at about .1 percent max.
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