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Originally Posted by Pringle Teetor View Post
What do you mean by “ Continuous melt requires serious attention and currently it's not getting it.”
You can't push a five ton melter or it pushes back in actual calculable ways. When you mix batch, and lets start with the German adage "Well mixed is half melted", so, is it it actually well mixed? I have no idea but the product has serious problems so, I'd start right there or even step back further into the raw materials.

If I could take that mix and put it in a simple pot melter and I could get great glass, I could reasonably say mixing or raw materials were not the problems so that moves us to the melter.

One of the fatal mistakes playing out right now at Cristalica is trying to make a five ton melter melt seven tons a day. Many of you have seen the results of that. Now the furnace which had no maintenance is shot and my understanding is that there's no plan to replace it.

So, let's move to the Czech melter. If we saw that this stuff melted great, and the prototypes suggest that it did but it's not melting great now, one wants to take a look at the process. To make a good glass in one of the beasts involves melting in the hearth and having the melted product go under the bridgewall and out into the forehearth as a glass complete in it's chemical reaction. There' it begins to cool and squeeze with a nice valence shift. Then, out it comes to be sliced and diced on a conveyor, down the line and into whatever receivers are there. You can't speed this up and expect good things to happen. If you are loading seedy glass from the conveyor, you're loading seedy glass into your furnace. But, Speed makes profit as long as no one is complaining. If David can actually torch out cords, speed is an issue but he's remarkably lucky he can do it. Cords in big heavy stuff aren't going to respond to that.
This glass needs to be given the respect glass demands. If manufacturers start treating your primary material like its dogshit, you won't like it and you'll buy something else. To me, boutique cullet is a bizarre venture. Spruce Pine currently is the best deal out there just quietly going along.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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