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Thank you!

So if the cullet is clean from seeds as limiting as Rick's sample is, then one wants to think about the cords as well as the seeds that follow the charge.
I do thinkI had a terrible time trying to get the seeds out of the cristalica and I had to turn it up into the 2300's to do much good. Ultimately I concluded it wasn't worth that effor but I don't object to the fine materials inherent in batch. I wear a respirator and have for fifty years.

The cords are a different issue and my inclination would be telling the operators at the manufacturing furnace to slow down and see if that improves the product. It actually could be the mixing and raw materials but that can be proved out.
If the cords are in all of the melts in small shops, it suggests the cords are in the actual product.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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