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Originally Posted by Paul Thompson View Post
It's too bad Colorado lost it's connection to glass. There's a few warm and hotshops around, but it's kind of a glass desert. I've been trying to convince the wife we ought to look at, coincidentally, Ashville.
I've been to Asheville on several occasions since moving to NC. I've been to the two major shops in the area, and both are markedly different in their approach.
North Carolina Glass Center is a public access shop and gallery. They teach classes, and rent time. You can sell work in the gallery, but I think there's a wait list. It's a small space too. Lexington Glassworks is a private studio that caters more to the tourist crowd. They only use the shop to make their own work for the gallery and commissions. No classes. No rental. All there is to do is stand around and drink beer and buy stuff. The owners are nice enough, but they've made it clear that they don't want to have anything to do with me. If you do decide to move there and set up shop, don't expect a warm welcome. There's another private studio that's a little jog out of town proper, but they were closed the last time I came to town.
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