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Moly cooling

A friend sent me a schematic of a European built Moly furnace. At that time we were changing a pot and doing some upgrades on one of our furnaces. I noticed that the cooling tubes on the schematic seemed to be metal and quite a lot larger than what we do here. It made for a nice uncluttered look.

It made me start thinking about this area and I decided to build a plenum with some 2" flexible tailpipe attached to it. This would allow us to aim the air flow at the element tops. I gathered up some parts and formulated a plan.Then I had to leave town.

When I got back my plans had been modified and my guys had come with a new and I think better approach. We installed one of these a few months ago and it seems to be working well. We did the second one last week and that's what these photos are about. Still a work in progress but I like how it's going.
The blower is from Grainger and costs I think $112. It puts out 463 CFM. If you stand at the edge of the furnace and look at the elements you can feel a nice little breeze on your face.
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