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Dan Vanantwerp
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Tell me more...

Well, Glasma has my attention as a possible "next glass". I had to buy some more Cristalica as East Bay is just too darn busy to handle my small fry needs. I've been trying to get Pete's formulas custom batched but Spruce Pine could not be bothered and Jim is overwhelmed. I guess I have been "told so", but had to give a shot.
Bill is doing a great job of customer service and is looking into a possible color base from Glasma. I would use the color base from Spruce Pine, but my main objective is Chalcedony and Pete has mentioned that it comes out brown with their mixture.
A couple concerns with Glasma...He has sent me the SDS for 705 and 705E, which is a version more friendly to alumina containing crucibles. Neither one has ANY alumina...would this not affect the longevity of this glass? Particularly if exposed to water on a regular basis (drinking glasses, outdoor glass). I suppose it could be added back but only by guessing to achieve a good Labino rule. Also, the pellets would seem less than ideal for good chemical mixing. Wondering if anyone has any experience with tricks for adding colorants to a pelletized batch.
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