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Dan Vanantwerp
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Hi Jordan. I'm thinking about it seriously now and was pricing chemicals at the online pottery stores this morning. I have room in a garage separate from my shop which would be pretty perfect. Bought a damn nice cement mixer with a plastic drum. I'll probably do it for the color side of things....don't really have a choice...but I'd rather have a clear with some QC backing it up. You really do get what you pay for. That extra $0.20-0.30/lb is a whole lotta peace of mind.

If my batching sucks for whatever reason, I can just go into my old bag of tricks and use commercial colors with a dependable clear. At least I'm not SOL and can't make anything decent because all my glass (clear and color) is affected.

I would warn anyone that a posted recipe will still require some fitting to your own needs. Perhaps that is obvious, but I was surprised how far off the "96COE" phosphate opal was from an actual fit. Without Jordan's input I would have been completely lost. That's not meant as a slight to Dave who is a glass hero of mine He is making his own colors and works on a different scale.

I'm looking hard at Spruce Pine and Glasma for clear.
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