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Eben, I fill my furnace over the weekend at around 1950f when I have both furnaces running. This allows me to have it on high fire for a shorter period of time to cook it. When I don't have my other furnace on, I start the charge after work and fill it and cook it the next day. It doesn't have any effect on the glass quality. It just means that I have it on high fire for a long time to do the melt.

Peter, the stone issue that you mention is not a valid point in my experience and I have melted a lot of it over the years. I have never heard of this from anyone else either. I feel that a person would have to try fairly hard to have that happen. And the price issue is insignificant. I believe that the energy savings and longer crucible life with Glasma more than make up for it. If I didn't know better, I would be melting Spruce. And if there was a cullet that gave me the quality that I need for my work, I would be melting that.
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