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Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I had a question about ring testing so I thought I'd stick it to this existing one.

The last color melt I did which I ring tested, like I do with all the colors I make, had only one crack run as I sawed it, but then after that I was able to saw a different section of the cylinder lower down and that ring sawed cleanly. That was color on the inside and clear on the outside. I don't feel comfortable with the result if it doesn't saw cleanly the first time, and if anything there was a tiny overlap in the score of the ring I was able to get. So two days later when I was at the furnace again I made another cup like that one and, for extra testing, one with clear on the inside and color on the outside. The same result with the redo of the first cup with color on the inside, and the one with color on the outside cracked more immediately and more violently when sawing. And I couldn't even get a ring out of that one. So question is, can I glean any more info off the even worse result with the color on the outside? Like would that tend to happen with higher or lower expansion of the color on the outside?
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