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Brossphate opal 5%

So I melted this 5% opal the other day:

In pounds
Sand 7.3125
Soda Ash  2.38875
Potassium Carbonate 0
Calcium Carbonate 0.4125
Strontium Carbonate 0.675
Zinc Oxide 0.225
Alumina Hydrate 0.3375
Lithium Carbonate 0.075
Antimony 0.03975
Potassium Nitrate 0.075
Sodium Tripolyphosp. 0.93

Total 12.471

Oxides %
SiO2 66.86
Na2O 16.4
K2O 0.327
LiO 0.278
CaO 2.13
MgO 0.006
SrO 4.35
ZnO 2.06
Al2O3 2.229
P2O5 4.95
Sb2O5 0.365

Charged a few scoops at 2300 every two hours. Held at 2300 for 10 hrs and then down to 2150. It came out pretty scuzzy on top like you guys talk about some phosphates coming out. It was also pretty streaky in coloration and cordy looking. It blew out ok and the stuff I made into bar struck out beautifully after being picked up again, as always. As a note, I ground the STPP in a bullet blender in an effort to avoid some chunkies I was getting in the 2.5% melts. It also came out 4 points high after my educated guess on adjustment. Based on that and my percentages I'm thinking at least adding some silica is in order.

Any thoughts on cleaning this one up?
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