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Mine don't crack before they go in the box but I'm not six points off.

There are people who rely on flame annealing, an all around bad idea.

As to the phosphate. I'm not sure what that will do. It seems to me that you should be able to make the phase separation work using that alumina which is key in fluorine opals as well. I don't know if you remember when I described the streaks to you last year and you were curious. It's quite compatible and I've had that cup around for years now. The fact that it strikes on a reanneal confirms that there's plenty in there.

Bob Held first noted that up to 5% bone ash would stay compatible with your clear way back at the NCECA conference in 1968- pre GAS. But it had to melt at over 2400F. It was a true calcium monophosphate which is really hard to find now. 2300 seems a bit cold to me on that stuff you're doing. Give it another 25 degrees.
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