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I'm with Pete on the nitrate or lithium to replace the borax.

When I was experimenting with those I did a few melts with a lot of potassium nitrate (0.6 % up to 1%) and it upped the melt speed almost beyond belief.

I don't know what a nice compromise would be between fast clean melt at high percentages and wear and tear on the pot. I did a number of melts with the 0.6% and a few gradually upping the percentage with no sign of any worse pot damage than usual. That was using assay pots, which dissolve quickly if anything is too rough on them. I always liked that about assay pots. Canary in the coal mine if you will. I remember one batch of Phillips high COE Moretti matching batch that ate the assay pot down to paper thin in three melts.

You're using a lot of phosphorous there too. Are you gaining more in density than you might get with an extra strike/s on the lower percentage formula or are you after a one strike wonder?
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