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Re: Lost: one COE thread. If found, please return to 1983...

[quote]Originally posted by Lani McGregor
[b]My question at the start of this thread was “When/where did COE come to be synonymous with compatibility in the studio glass scene?”

Its probably more to do with the technology that the potters and ceramicists brought with them when they moved over to working with glass than something that has been promulgated by the glass industries.

Certainly from a UK perspective, many of the key educators in glass have come from a background in ceramics, and with an understanding of 'fit' and 'compatibility' between ceramic bodies and glazes as an integral part of their knowledge and practice. Ceramic glazes are almost always made to fit by shifting the COE- a little bit more or less Silica will solve most glaze fit problems. I reckon some of this same thinking has just been transposed onto the 'new' materials of glass and taught into the system.
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