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Thank you Jordan and Sky

I took apart my Moore and CD shears and learned that the inside faces of the blades are "Wavy" with the high points being the inside of the pivot bolt hole and the V of the cut. When the CD shears are closed the two blades touch at the bolt hole and the v of the cut. When the CD shears are closed, there is about .5mm space between the blades between the bolt and cut and a 1-1.5mm gap at the shear tips where you would hold a pipe or punty rod. The Moore shears have less gap but have always cut fine. The CD shears cut cleanest. The Maruko shears in question don't have anywhere near the same contour definition ont the inside face (very little contour actually) so I guess working to get the inside blade faces to resemble the other two types (which cut properly) is the best place to start.

The blades are also really thin and they bow quite easily so I'm thinking it might be a necessary over exaggerate the contours a little to compensated for the flex of the thin blades. I'll do it a little bit at a time and check how they cut little by little. Now to find a vice to borrow.

If nothing else, my Jim Moore shears should now cut real well as I sharpened them while they were taken apart.
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