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Originally Posted by Pamela Sherwood View Post
Okay, I'll bite. I don't post much because I am not a professional in glass and don't have the expertise to provide useful insight.

My chemistry background is heavily skewed to organic and molecular biology (PhD - not that it's relevant), so while I understand in general the chemistry discussions, I have no personal experience of mixing glass batch or colors.

But I do read what's posted because I love blowing glass and want to understand it better.
I have only scant information on your background because of the registration process but I can see how frequently you are a quiet observer out there. That's true of a number of other women as well. This is not an ideal site for glass lovers in an aesthetic sense and I have intentionally kept it that way to maintain focus. I appreciate your response.

I would note that useful insight and useful questions don't necessarily have a lot to do with each other.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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