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Well, I have been guilty of lurking on and off for years, occasionally posting, and finding it best to just stay in my lane, which is that of a hobbyist with limited tech and chemistry experience.

This board has not changed as much as other technology for sharing information has. The scant other women glassblowers I know seem to be mostly younger than my 49 years, and if I generalize, they are more interested in technique for creation of their art, rather than the nuts and bolts of furnaces, glass chemistry, COE, fit, equipment building, running a shop, batch composition. And, if it can be illustrated with a photo or video, all the better.

I regularly ask people if they are on here or have seen a post on here and I get a lot of blank stares. Too bad for them. I consider the regulars here to be a council of my elders who have vastly more experience and knowledge than I do. The archives are a masterpiece. I read the board regularly, absorb what I can, but more importantly know what kind of questions are best to ask here and love the earnest responses that generally come through.

I'm not uninterested in the mechanics and the science, but as a hobbyist, I don't have my own shop, and have limited amounts of time to pursue glass. I don't bother to pester this board about opinions on color combinations, or techniques with powders, or how to create the art. To me, that's the essence of creating art that is uniquely mine. Figure out how to create it. Most of my glass-related wonderings are on those types of topics. But, when I have a technical question, I come here.
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