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It was happening for a full ten years in this country prior to the importing of German color rods. Rod came in to Bendheim around 1973 and was pushed by RISD professor Chihuly. Prior to that, if you saw the school catalog the prior year, it had barrels of Soda ash, Potash and Lime on the cover. Dudley Giberson was making fluorine opaques in New Hampshire in 1970. Color was being made from raw glasses at Penland but the early work was limited for cad sel type colors. Silver was being actively worked. Frank Kulaschewitz published formulas using lead in 1974.

It expanded rapidly. I first saw Kugler in 1972 or 3 brought in by John Bingham but I was already running a two pot color furnace. Kugler certainly caught on, yet I have always viewed it as a mortal blow to innovation work in this country. "Glass from a toothpaste Tube" as Karl Platt put it. The stupid part about it was failing to go directly to Blenko and Fenton, along with the smaller shops in West Virginia where making colored glass was no secret at all.

So, Yeah, it would have been fine. Necessity is the mother of invention and color rods killed that . What's not fine? Bright yellow opaque bowls with chartreuse lip wraps. The Kugler Canary yellow never fit anything.
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