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Originally Posted by Rollin Karg View Post

When you replace the gathering port, are you replacing the whole ring including the port? Or did you make your own replacment port and modify the ring ?


We don't replace the gathering port. We chip away the glass and resurface with a phosphate bonded patch. Grefpatch-85 from HWR. It seems to hold up for about a year. It is a pretty picky product for dryout. Put it on and let it set up for 24 hours and then follow the dryout. It has absolutely no green strength. Thermbond is another phosphate bonded patch but doesn't seem to bond as well as the Grefpatch to the old castable.

Sure would be nice to be able to yank out the gathering port and replace but the Stadelmeister wasn't designed that way. (Hint to Pete :-)). I thought about getting Larkin Refractory to build a mold for the front so that I could change the design but didn't get around to it.

The face of the gathering port and the sill should be considered a consumable and designed accordingly.
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