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There are many questions that have already been answered but if I have a question no one has an answer to I like to do an experiment.

Those that missed the Croucher/Peiser class at Penland missed out. I felt so fortunate to be there and to have done my homework. There is still so much to learn, even if it gets spoon fed to you. I do appreciate the spirit of openness, sharing, and curiosity that Bradly has.

Just as Hugh says, read the books. They're not wrong. They talk about a lot of stuff we don't practice. Think about things in industrial scales. If it works for industry it might work for you. That's how we got to where we are today.

As I remember it, John could correct me, or not, Gaffer uses salt cake(sodium sulphate) vs antimony. Production for yourself vs production for the world are two different things. I use plain old sodium chloride for boro melts and it would be interesting to see how that works for soft glass. For a reduction agent they use use silicon metal powder. Think about that. Tin still has a place though but silicon is cheaper if that's what you're after as a reducing agent.

Please report back.
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