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What isn't addressed is how the virus spreads. Since so many people are asymptomatic yet can transmit the disease is the single most disquieting part. Currently, testing is showing how many of those people there are out there and to suggest that slowing testing would somehow make things better is just plain dumb.

In the '80's, we had people who were HIV positive but never developed full blown AIDS. Transmission was far more invasive than this virus. You had to go have sex to get HIV.. This? It's still not clear although there's not a health care pro that doesn't agree that it's far easier to get it indoors.

Since moisture and air travel up the pipe ( we know that), it doesn't seem to me that using this tool would make me sleep any better at night. Further, just hanging around strangers or other workers is just not a smart move.

We may get through this, we may do it with enormous loss of life due to the politics, not the way to avoid getting it. I no longer have to make a living in Glass and I'm sympathetic to anyone who does have to. I would say that if you don't change your business model away from other human contact, you're just whistling by the graveyard.

Otherwise, the same dopey stuff. Wash your hands, maintain a distance, wear a mask. We'll be at 200,000 dead really soon. Don't be that guy.
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