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Originally Posted by Jeff Thompson View Post
The cheapest part of this whole scenario is buying extra boxes of fiber blanket and buying sheet metal.
The cheapest part of building a furnace is doing the math before you spend money.

Originally Posted by Jeff Thompson View Post
Don't you think that if it was possible to save money... by simply adding a bunch more fiber and sheet metal that all our furnaces would be triple the circumference they currently are?
It is possible to save money on energy with more insulation. Do you want a larger furnace? What would be the actual savings in dollar value. Could that amount be offset with better sales, production or design? Do the math.

I like Jordan's "think for yourself". I'll ask a blower why they are working in a particular way and they often reply with something along the lines "that's how I was shown" or "so and so said to do it that way". I've actually heard "I read it on the internet". Not much critical thought going on. I mean, those are all good starting points, but ideas should be tested, not simply trusted.

Maybe one hasn't wrapped ones furnace with more blanket because one is of the sheep. Monkey see, monkey do. (because one is of the monkey?) Maybe because one has determined is wasn't the most effective means to an end.
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