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well, making the jump into private glass stuudios was never the intent or focus of any of the programs in the sixties and seventies. Actually, once many schools found out how expensive those programs were, they simply shuttered them. Some didn't but only because the fuel bills were comingled with the entire campus. The ones that stayed hidden did alright in terms of surviving.

But placing graduates in design type positions failed everywhere the schools tried and it was a genuine concern. First, teach the teachers, then place the grads in factories, then collectors saved the day for some time for the best of them.
That's pretty much gone as a career choice in Art with a capital A. What remains is pretty much a reversion to craft which is what Dale was railing against. My niece is considered a major success at RISD having "Made it" and indeed she has. She designs lightweight bags, markets through the NY Gift show and they're mostly made in China. She needs one show a year and has seven employees in NYC and three in Oakland Ca. They're called BAGGU. It is not however what the young art student aspired to. They're the draw the pirate type from the match books.
Running a glass studio is like running an endless mile. The bills just keep hitting the mailbox, the shows keep shrinking, the willingness to make exciting work, diminishing. I find it to be very sad that we are where we are today.

And yes to tom's question. We can write a business plan, but today I wouldn't pursue it. When I stop, I won't sell the tooling. I'll mothball it and hope someone eventually is amazed at what they find.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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