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Katie has already granted me copyright to do the book. She holds copyright at this point. Right now we are mulling over passing Craftweb along to me formally and having my son take over being the server. He's already set up for it in Cambridge.
What it will take is a rather massive editing job on my part to separate the wheat from the Chaff over what is now 15 years. It has been interesting as I go back and see the businesses that were born and died in this time span. It's the same trick as with my book: Time. I'm still living an exhausting day from my point of view with the chores involved in having this dumb farm. Having Eric Trulson here is a great help and he has been effective in waking us up again. In turn for his energy, he is learning the chemistry from the day to day melts we do.
It would not be possible to reduce the entire thing to a book with over 100,000 entries but the value is clear. A week does not go by where I don't learn something from this forum and I've been at it 49 years now. It's more a question now as to whether to try to do a narrative or to simply reduce it to "where to get it" "Why it works", Why it won't work", I prefer the narrative and that was much of my intent in doing the book on color. Formulas aren't hard at all. Making formulas work is another matter. I think the same holds true for most of the shop practices as well.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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