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Gb4 issues. Need some advice

So my gb4 unit is having issues. I'm not the original owner. It's 18 years old. Basically unit 1 wasn't advancing to step 2 and would do nothing. I spoke with Ron at Digitry. Super helpful and resolved the issue by switching the annealer connections to unit 4 which was unused. Problem solved. Well now unit 3 is doing the same thing. I have a call into Digitry. I have no backup controller so sending it out for repair shuts me down for that period of time. I have classes running, renters, orders and projects in the works. So studio shutdown isn't an option.

That's not what my question is though.
I found a new gb4 for $500. Unused but it's 20 years old. My current unit is 18 years old.
Thinking about gambling on the 20 year old new unit and then sending my current unit in for repair. Then I'll have a backup.
A new GB5 is about $1500

My question is, am I just being stupid and cheap? Is 20 years old unused still "new" or should I assume electronics don't age well. My wife thinks I should just invest in a new gb5 and repair the old one as a backup when I can. She sees it as a vital piece of equipment that warrants the investment.

Looking for some input if you have any. Thanks in advance.
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