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The first time I softened plate glass with soda was with John Bingham in Santa Fe in 1972. John wanted to do his BA Thesis there and found that the Kugler rod he had brought did not fit the plate glass in any way. So, we added soda at the time and softened it quite a bit with the benefit that the kugler we had fit the plate finally. John had brought a mess of it in from Orrefors and it was the first time I ever saw it used.

Adding stuff to cullet is not rocket science as Jordan says, it's been done for years but you have to appreciate people trying to make a buck off of it. If the cullet is clean, it can be melted. John did Mayonaisse bottles in Boulder for years. It was just really short and had bad luster which is the same issue today. Once John came and used my formulas later on, he never wanted to go back having seen what kind of polish could be achieved. I think if you added three pounds of soda ash to every 100lbs of cullet, it would bring it right up. Three pounds of Potash would make it look nicer but would not affect the expansion as much. I think adding a bit of barium would help brightness. Suggesting that the mix automatically makes a 96 is just ignorance at work or a bad summation of a reporter's notes.

The thing that sort of concerns me at this point is the cost of the test tooling. My Strainoptics polarimeter was $2,000 dollars back in 2001. Now Strainoptics will just rent you the tool for $1,500 dollars for two weeks. My Chipmunk crusher is now over $7,000 dollars. I don't know how small shops can really afford to do any quality testing at this point.
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