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well, I think that people may want to know what their materials are actually doing, but they certainly don't want to pay for the knowledge. That's where if I give away a formula, that's great but if I have the audacity to suggest the information was won the hard way and there should be compensation, the interest absolutely drops dead.

I view free information as having no value when it comes to being actionable. If you pay to get it, one tends to pay attention. When they fly me to Shanghai, they really do listen.

It is the case I'm sure that buying a strainoptics unit is pretty far down the wishlist. I have to wonder how far down a copy of GlassnotesIV will become as it becomes harder to find. It won't take much to really create an ignorant audience. As I said, Croucher is retired, Mark is 81, I'm getting along to retirement, Wooley is totally gone.

That article is really irritating in that it throws around some real numbers making one think it has substance and then says stupid stuff like the world is running out of beaches ( which are largely calcium carb) in the carribbean. Our silica doesn't come from beaches. What it does is to offer up the panacea that isotoner additives will make everything great so buy it. There are charlatans all over trying to get your dollars. I do think that soda ash can be added to bottle cullet and that things can be made with it.
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