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Originally posted by Ben Rosenfield

According to the temperature ranges Pete listed in the Building Shop Stuff thread ( about melting SP batch, a good melt is 2250, which is about 86.5% of the Kanthal A1's operating maximum. He also cites approx. 2350 to finish the reaction, which is about 88% of the 2552 F max for A1.

And with all the good information here about SCR, SSR, etc., I don't see any reason for a beginner such as myself to go beyond this type of setup. I think this is the most bang for the buck at this point. At the same time, I do see the value in the molybdenum technology, particularly for large melters, or situations for lots of color pots. The setup at is nice.
Yes it is, I talked Matt through building that (the moly part) a couple years ago.

And yes Ben, you can do this on the cheap and learn alot of stuff along the way. You will learn lots of valuable things about electricity and castables, power supplies and glass types.
I am pulling lots of good ornaments out of my wire melter right now. Once again I want to say that there are TONS of options out there to do your glass with, I am just a proponant of moly.

Watlow has a great website like Dave pointed out and all of thier stuff is also available on cd rom. It gives great demonstrations of WHY different power technologies work like they do.
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