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Batch Safety / Studio Design

I'm getting ready to sign a lease on a new place. Problem is, the workshop is only about 1000ft. I'd like to run batch, and start doing some basic melts. This space will also have the bathroom in it, and need to generally stay clean as part will be public space. And connected to a cafe/gallery area.

What are the OSHA guidelines here? From what I remember, you need a completely sealed room... and filtration. I will want to do some ceramic shell and mold making as well (it has an outdoor patio area as well that I could conceivably pour a pad and fence in for coldworking/this purpose if that makes more sense).

A downdraft table popped up on my local surplus site. Would this be useful? At 5 x 8 ft it's a lot of real estate to give up. But it's probably going for cheap. Seems to me one of their "dustron" units would be better suited?

All I know is my alma matter did NOT follow guidelines....
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